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Read the SHHS Literary Magazine 2021
Read the SHHS Literary Magazine 2021
May 24, 2021
Click the read more button on this page to access the link for the newest edition of the SHHS Literary Magazine. CLICK HERE
Sacred Heart High School Announces the Third Term Honor Roll
Sacred Heart High School Announces the Third Term Honor Roll
April 13, 2021
Date: April 7, 2021 Seniors – High Honors: Megan Arias, Jamie Baker, Marguerite Bellemare, Melany Boivin, Jillian Boland, Gavy Bonilla, Benjamin Camp, Asia Chapman, Rahiem Corde
33rd Annual Golf Classic
33rd Annual Golf Classic
March 29, 2021
Join us Tuesday, May 25, 2021 at the Chippanee Country Club.! Many sponsorship opportunities are available. Limited participation so register early! Click Read More for a link the flyer ...


At Sacred Heart High School, being a student-athlete allowed me to develop leadership skills and instilled in me a passion for success! Balancing a rigorous academic workload with an equally demanding sport was made possible because of the support from caring teachers and dedicated coaches. Because of this great education I received, I know I will succeed as a collegiate coach.
Raymond Snyder IV
Raymond Snyder IV, Class of 2013
Raymond Snyder III, Class of 1983
Kiersten Snyder, Class of 2016
Sacred Heart High School offers students a supportive environment where they can grow and excel in academics, grow in self-confidence, and grow in faith, all of which were so important to our family.
Mrs. Migdalia Rodriguez
Mrs. Migdalia Rodriguez
Sacred Heart High School parent of Jessica ’06 and Cristina ‘10
Present Member of the Sacred Heart High School Board of Directors
Sacred Heart is more than an exceptional educational institution; it is a place that fosters a sense of community, of service, and of family. It is a home where students and faculty alike can grow as intellectuals and as friends.
Mrs. Michele Martin
Mrs. Michele Martin
Sacred Heart High School Parent of Sarah ’09 and Jake ‘12
I have enjoyed my time at Sacred Heart because it is a family environment! As a student athlete, I feel that way both on and off the court. Sacred Heart High School is a truly giving place…to its students, as well as to the community. I would encourage young people to attend Sacred Heart and become a part of our great tradition of spirit and family!
Isaiah Roscoe
Isaiah Roscoe, Class of 2015
We are writing to you as the last term of our daughters’ senior year is coming to a close to tell you how absolutely thrilled we are with the education the twins have received these past four years. As we all know, education is so important in the development of young adults but equally important is the feeling of belonging and of being part of a community.

At Sacred Heart, our girls felt at home immediately. Both got involved quickly in student government, cheerleading, basketball, cross country and softball. Julie’s willingness to volunteer did not surprise us and we are proud of all she has done. This gave them an immediate sense of school spirit while meeting new friends as well. The sense of belonging to The Heart community was immediate and any worries about their transition to high school were immediately put to rest. As the years flew by, the twins progressed academically earning Highest Honors and induction into the National Honor Society. The rigors of the AP classes were well worth the effort and we will see if Lizzie is able to bypass college courses when the test results are in.

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James and Ellen Frenis
James and Ellen Frenis
Parents of Lizzie and Julie, Class of 2015
I love the Heart because it offers many opportunities for student involvement in co-curricular activities, athletics, and student outreach programs. Going to a Catholic high school has taught me how to be helpful to others through global outreach and active service to our community. As a student at the Heart, I am a member of our Super Fans and have enjoyed participating in football, baseball, cross country, and the bowling club! The students and teachers here really care about each other. My parents have always said that “high school will be the best time of your life”. My years at Sacred Heart have truly been just that…the best years of my life!
Trent Dunn
Trent Dunn, Class of 2016
When I entered Sacred Heart High School, my dream came true! Sacred Heart High School commits to Learning, Spirit, and Service in so many ways. The school feels like a family. We watch out for each other and truly care about each other. Everyone has a friend. Our President Mrs. Regan, our Principal Mr. Azzara, and all of the teachers know each of us well and want us to succeed. Their doors are ALWAYS open to us. I am very active at the Heart, participating in cheerleading, in the Art club, and in the choir. I also serve as a Student Ambassador. Our choir was blessed to be able to participate at the installation mass of Archbishop Blair. We also sang at the annual Alumni Awards dinner and at the Mass and new cross lighting ceremony at Holy Land. Come be part of our Sacred Heart High School family I know you, too, will be amazed at what our school has to offer!
Mary Gryniuk
Mary Gryniuk, Class of 2016
Before coming to the Heart, I attended a suburban middle school outside of Waterbury where, in a class of seven hundred students, I was just a number in a sea of other numbers. Being afforded the opportunity of a true Catholic education, due, in part, to the generous support of the Sacred Heart scholarship fund, I came knowing absolutely no one. Who would guess that, during those first few days, I would make some of the most amazing friends? With my involvement in Student Council, the International Club, and the school newspaper, I am offered not only an excellent education but also a family away from home, a family that I can be a part of. Here, I can do great things for our global society, just as Jesus taught.
Jake Rinaldi
Jake Rinaldi, Co-Valedictorian Class of 2016
Sacred Heart was more than just my high school, it was my home. Sacred Heart gave me the education and the confidence to thrive and succeed in college, and eventually in my current role at the Waterbury Chamber of Commerce. The teachers that supported me throughout my time at the Heart and the friends that I made and have kept through college and beyond were the most valuable assets I had as I navigated the transition into adulthood. I am grateful every day that myself and my siblings were able to go to Sacred Heart, and I truly believe that those four years made me the person I have grown to be. I still know that I can turn to Sacred Heart for support and a place to call home- because I continue to do so to this day.
Julie Donato
Julie Donato, Valedictorian Class of 2010
Spirit can be defined as a strong loyalty or dedication. At Sacred Heart, spirit is at the core of all that we do. As a recent graduate, I saw the strength of Spirit at “the Heart” throughout my four years. It helped to bring us together as a family and as a school community, all bonded by a common passion.
Kimberly Grendzinski
Kimberly Grendzinski
Salutatorian, Class of 2012
Sacred Heart High School is not just a building. It is an investment in life that continues to pay dividends. Many graduates will testify to the influence that the Sacred Heart experience has given them. The Sacred Heart experience is an immersion in a family which will stay with you forever.
Monsignor James G. Coleman
Monsignor James G. Coleman ‘54
Principal 1979 – 1988
Academic excellence, community involvement, athletics and Christian-based learning all make Sacred Heart High School a top notch school. But what makes Sacred Heart High School a GREAT school is the sense of family one feels the minute a person walks through the door. Whether you are a student, a parent, a grandparent, or a friend, it is hard not to feel a part of a larger extended family. You become a part of the Heart where students thrive and strive to do their best in a challenging, yet nurturing, atmosphere. Students are encouraged to excel at anything and everything the school has to offer!
James and Kristen Vaillancourt
Mr. James and Kristen Vaillancourt
Alum and Parents of Carlie ’14, Maryn ’15, and Jack ’18
Legacy does not endow a person with the total experience. One has to find out some things for oneself. In our case, my husband, Darryl, passed the Heart legacy to our daughter, Dionne. But it was the four year experience that solidified Dionne’s (and my own) appreciation of how special Sacred Heart High School truly is. SHHS is a place where traditions of excellence are embedded in every facet of the school. Personally, what I value is the mix of new and veteran staff, the emphasis on equity and a rigorous education, and a commitment to faith and to the outer community – all wrapped up in honest and frequent communication! So, on game day, when Mr. Saukas comes out to perform his trademark “30 sec. body – rally – call – letters;” my family stands ready to belt out “GO HEARTS!” from our hearts!
Darryl and Lynnette Parker
Mr. Darryl ‘81 and Lynnette Parker
Alumn and Parents of Dionne ‘13
Sacred Heart High School has truly been very instrumental in my life. While I was a student at the Heart, I was afforded many wonderful opportunities to become a more community-minded individual and a scholar. The values that were instilled in each of us, along with the fine education that I received from dedicated faculty and staff, continue to be meaningful today. I was taught that the sky is the limit and that perseverance and hard work do pay off. As a proud graduate, I will continue to give back to this place, to this home, and to this family that gave me a solid foundation to build upon. Choosing Sacred Heart High School, I know, was the best decision that I have ever made. I am blessed to say that I will always be a “HEART,” and Sacred Heart is truly a very special place for each of us who have had the opportunity to experience such a solid Catholic education.
Lysa Margiotta
Ms. Lysa Margiotta ‘97
Present Member of the Sacred Heart High School Board of Directors
SHHS will be forever instilled in my heart. The love and the respect between the faculty and students is a bond that is very rare. SHHS has opened its arms to my family, and I am forever grateful. The people I have met and have grown to know, taught me what love really is and that education is the most important thing in life. Going to SHHS was the best decision for high school; and, because of that choice, I am where I am today. So proud to have walked through the halls of SHHS those four years and could not be any happier to say that I am now an alum. GO HEARTS!
Dionne Parker
Dionne Parker
Class of 2013
Sacred Heart High School offers many opportunities for student involvement in co-curricular activities, athletics, and student outreach programs. Service to others is one of the most outstanding qualities Sacred Heart has to offer and, more importantly, takes pride in! Being a member of the Student Council afforded me an opportunity to be involved within the “Heart” of my school community. I am so proud to embrace the true spirit that Sacred Heart had to offer!
Eladia Watkins
Eladia Watkins
Class of 2013
We believe that the Sacred Heart experience offers close personal attention that develops the whole person in a safe and a supportive environment. This experience afforded each of our children opportunities to participate and to contribute according to their specific interests and abilities, both academically and in extracurricular activities.

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Douglas and Gina Wright Donato
Mr. Douglas and Gina Wright Donato ‘82
Alum and Parents of Douglas ’09, Julie ’10 and Mary ‘14
When we think about Sacred Heart High School, words like family, faith and foundation come to mind. The Heart has served the educational needs of our families over multiple generations. It has always been great fun sharing memories with other family members that have passed through the same halls. Just as importantly though, Sacred Heart has become a family of its own. Each graduate shares the bond of family like no other school we’ve ever known. We feel extremely privileged to be a part of this close-knit community.

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Paul & Karyn (Iadarola) Iannaccone
Attorney Paul '79 & Karyn (Iadarola) Iannaccone '82
Advancement Leadership Committee
As an alumnus, a proud parent of a recent graduate, and the current President of the School Board, I would like to take this opportunity to express why I strongly feel that Sacred Heart High School is the finest Catholic high school in the greater Waterbury region. Sacred Heart High School is the oldest Catholic high school in the Archdiocese of Hartford, having recently celebrated its 90th anniversary. To this day, it continues to uphold the values and the traditions established long ago. As the only Archdiocesan high school in the greater Waterbury area, Sacred Heart has excelled in all areas, sports, in civic and community service, and most importantly, in academics. Under the guidance and stewardship of President Eileen Regan and Principal, Anthony Azzara, Sacred Heart has enhanced its already rigorous curriculum, and as a result, students have achieved high standards in academics. Guided by a foundation of excellence that is second to none, the Heart is the finest choice for those wishing to pursue a Catholic education. It is a great honor and a privilege that I associate my name with Sacred Heart High School, a place where students, parents, faculty, staff, and members of the board are looked upon as family…and a place we all call home!
Giuseppe N. Pisani
Mr. Giuseppe N. Pisani ‘84
Current President of the Sacred Heart High School Board of Directors
My experience at Sacred Heart High School was a transformative one. I entered Sacred Heart as a young teenager and graduated as a confident young adult, ready and eager to take on the world. Sacred Heart’s rigorous academic program, combined with its nurturing and spiritual learning environment, provided me with the knowledge, the values, and the social maturity that I needed to be successful in college, in law school, and in my legal career. I am forever indebted to the Heart’s extraordinary administrators and teachers who made an indelible impact on my life. Sacred Heart’s emphasis on community service undoubtedly led to my legal career in government service, specifically, giving back to our City of Waterbury. Because Sacred Heart is truly a close-knit family, I made lifelong friendships there. Sacred Heart gave me the best high school experience that anyone could ask for, and I am still reaping the benefits of a Sacred Heart High School education.
Theresa A. Caldarone
Attorney Theresa A. Caldarone ‘82
Past Member of the Sacred Heart High School Board of Directors
The dedication of Sacred Heart’s faculty and staff, as well as the love and the support from other students and their families, truly creates a family environment. Sacred Heart gives each and every student the ability to achieve success and to standout. As a member of the soccer and the basketball teams, as well as being a part of student council, the student ambassador club, and the art club, I have fully experienced every aspect of Sacred Heart. I have met people of diverse backgrounds, and I have developed friendships that I know will last a lifetime. Also, I have the unique opportunity of being a part of a legacy family at Sacred Heart—which means my parents and many other family members have attended the Heart. I encourage you to allow yourself to experience the spirit of Sacred Heart because it is truly special! I hope that you choose to continue the legacy of your family, or maybe even start a legacy of your own.
Ireland Gilmore
Ireland Gilmore, Co-Valedictorian Class of 2016
My mom (a SHHS alumna) and I chose SHHS because of the family atmosphere as well as its high academic standards. SHHS has a completely dedicated faculty & staff. The Heart's leadership is exemplary. Our President, Mrs. Regan, as well as Mr. Azzara our principal are outstanding. They really care about each of their students. The faculty and staff are friendly, compassionate, and have a real concern for the student’s well-being. Our teachers challenge us academically, and they are always willing to help if you need support in any subject. The teachers know their students and tailor their teaching to challenge each student to reach their academic potential. SHHS is a warm and welcoming home away from home.
Matthew Arias, Class of 2018
Megan Arias, Class of 2020
Bridget Carser Arias, Class of 1985
It’s a great privilege to attend Sacred Heart High School. Most of my family went here starting from my grandfather down to my mom and now my brother and I attend. This is a great tradition passed down throughout my family. We are a Legacy Family. Sacred Heart High School is known for its many traditions and many alumni believe in giving their children the same outstanding, quality Catholic Education they received. Sacred Heart High School is a school where everyone knows everybody from the administration down to the faculty and staff. Everyone is willing to go the extra mile…we are a big family always ready to be there for each other.
Noah & Zachary Francisco, Class of 2018
Manuel Francisco, Class of 1973
Sarah Francisco Acosta, Class of 2000
Sacred Heart High School has been instrumental in my family's lives as it has instilled confidence and academic growth in a secure, faith based environment. The faculty and staff are always willing to go above and beyond for each and every student in order to help them be successful both at the Heart, and in preparing them for their future endeavors.
Grace Stone, Class of 2019
Shirley Jacobson Classey, Class of 1953
Mary Beth Classey Stone, Class of 1980
Brianna Stone, Class of 2010
Kyle Stone, Class of 2011
Each morning, as I enter Sacred Heart High School, I know I am beginning another day in which I will be appreciated and valued by both peers and staff members. I consider the school community to be a second family. Sacred Heart has been a place where I have been challenged academically, but has also allowed me to grow in so many other ways. Teachers, administrators, coaches, counselors and other staff members have genuine care and concern for students. These relationships have allowed me to develop into a young person who not only has the knowledge and skill base to go on and be successful in college or in a vocation, but also understands the value of treating others with dignity, respect and kindness.
Nellie Drewry, Class of 2018
Seth Drewry, Class of 2020
Emily Drewry, Class of 2014
John Drewry, Class of 1986
Learning, Spirit, and Service. These are the three core values that must be achieved in order to live your life as a successful and devout Catholic. There is only one place I know of in the world where these values are not only taught and enforced, but lived by every student and faculty member. This is Sacred Heart High School. Sacred Heart is not just a building. Nor is it just a high school. Sacred Heart is my home. This incredible institution has molded me into the young woman that I am proud to say I have become. I have achieved things that I had once thought were impossible with a group of amazing people by my side.

I have made unbreakable bonds with many of my classmates as well as my teammates. Everyone is there for each other through thick and thin and we are truly a family. A month ago I made the State Open Swim Championships. I was excited, but I was also upset. I was the only swimmer from my team who would be competing in the meet and I wasn’t sure how I would get through it without my best friends. When I showed up to school to catch the bus for the meet, I realized I was not alone. Half of my team was waiting for me in the cafeteria dressed in maroon and gold from head to toe. They gave me words of encouragement and told me how proud they were for the majority of our hour long bus ride. Even at the meet, all the way from the back row, I could hear them screaming my name. At Sacred Heart people put others before themselves and that is hard to find these days. We care for each other like brothers and sisters, and I am so lucky to be able to be part of such an amazing community .
Erin Brown
Erin Brown, Class of 2017
I know that I love Sacred Heart because it is truly a home where I can express myself in many ways. There are endless opportunities; academics, sports, clubs, and service where I can demonstrate the true spirit of the Heart! Our teachers and faculty find ways to have fun while balancing tough academics. All four years have been nothing but awesome! I know that the next two will be even better! My mother attended Sacred Heart as well as my many aunts, uncles, and cousins so for me it is an honor to keep our legacy alive. The friends that I have met at Sacred Heart have given me some of the best memories of my life. It is truly a place of learning, spirit and service...A Heart! Our strong Catholic principles and values show the community how important the ideas of family and helping others are to us. I cannot wait to see what my future ahead has in store!
Jenna Madigan
Jenna Madigan, Class of 2018
Kristen Fitzgerald Madigan, Class of 1983