Quick Facts - Sacred Heart High School - Waterbury, CT

Quick Facts

The mission of Sacred Heart High School is to educate students of diverse backgrounds in a strong Catholic tradition in order to empower these students to be moral and productive members of society.

Sacred Heart High School:

  • Integrates the teachings of Jesus Christ into every facet of school life.
  • Provides an excellent Catholic education for students of all ability levels.
  • Fosters higher order thinking skills and intellectual curiosity to enable students to become life-long learners.
  • Motivates students to fulfill their God-given potential spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially.
  • Challenges students to embrace their call to service within the larger community.
  • Creates a safe and supportive environment to facilitate the learning process.
  • Promotes a strong partnership with parents to enhance the student learning experience.

The administration, faculty, and staff of Sacred Heart High School are dedicated to enabling all of our students to experience the fullness of life that results from the development of individual talents.


  • In the “Heart” of Waterbury
  • Minutes from I-84 and Route 8
  • Convenient for older students to get to after school jobs downtown


  • Approx. 365 Students
  • 78% from Waterbury
  • 22% from outside the city
    • Beacon Falls
    • Bristol
    • Cheshire
    • Derby
    • Goshen
    • Litchfield
    • Middlebury
    • Morris
    • Naugatuck
    • Oakville
    • Prospect
    • Southington
    • Terryville
    • Thomaston
    • Torrington
    • Watertown
    • Wolcott
    • Woodbury
  • Our International Students come from
    • China
    • Italy
    • Korea
    • Vietnam
  • 28%  from Public Schools
  • 72% from Parochial Schools
  • 30 Full/Part-time teachers
  • Average Class size 18-24 students


  • Founded in 1922 by the Reverend John. J. Fitzgerald, Pastor of Sacred Heart Parish
  • Founding educators are the Sisters of Mercy
  • Became Co-Ed in 1938
  • Moved to South Elm Street in 1975
  • College Prep
  • Archdiocese of Hartford
  • Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges


  • Religion
    • Scriptures
    • New Testament
    • Church History
    • Christian Morality
    • Living as a Disciple of Christ
    • Responding to the Call of Jesus
    • Ecumenical and Interreligious Issues
  • Advanced Placement
    • Calculus (4th year)
    • English 3 (3rd year)
    • English 4 (4th year)
    • U.S. History (3rd year)
    • World History (2nd year)
    • Biology (4th year)
  • College Level
    • Political Science (UConn)
  • Science
    • Petrello Healthcare Program (3 credits)
      • Applications submitted end of junior year
      • CPR Certification
      • First Aid Certification
      • Discussion of the Healthcare Environment
    • Forensics (1/2 credit)
    • Nutrition (1/2 credit)
    • Anatomy & Physiology (1 credit)
    • Human Body (1/2 credit)
    • Chemistry (1 credit)
    • Physics (1 credit)
  • Electives
    • Art – Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Photoshop
    • Chorus
    • Instrumental Music
    • Word Processing
    • TV Production
    • Psychology
    • Sociology
    • U.S. History in the Twentieth Century
    • American Government
    • Marketing
    • Management

Carraffa-Petrello Healthcare Program

  • State certified Program in cooperation with St. Mary’s Hospital
  • Our students do over the recommended 100 hours of work between classroom and hands on learning
  • After completion of our program, students take an exam at Prometric
  • Students complete 25 competency skills
  • Prior to their hands on care they must complete training in the areas of:
    • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
    • Residents/Patient Rights
    • Residents Independence
    • Safety and Emergency Procedures
    • Infection Control
    • CPR and First Aid Certification
  • 3 Credits – Senior Year – Application only


  • Member of the Naugatuck Valley League (NVL)
  • Member of the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC)
  • Fall: Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer, Girls’ Swimming/Diving, Co-Ed Cross Country, Co-Ed Cheer, Football
  • Winter: Gymnastics, Indoor Track and Field, Co-Ed Cheer, Boys’ & Girls’ Basketball, Boys’ Swimming/Diving, Bowling
  • Spring: Baseball, Softball, Boys’ and Girls’ Golf, Boys’ and Girls’ Track & Field, Boys’ & Girls’ Tennis
  • Recent Awards:
    • 2017 Boys’ Basketball Class L/2009, 2016 Boys’ Basketball Class M/2014, 2015 Boys’ Basketball Class S  State Champions
    • 2015, 2016, 2017 Boys’ NVL Basketball Champions
    • 2009, 2011, 2012 Boys’ Swimming and Diving Class S State Champions
    • 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014  Boys’ NVL Swimming and Diving Champions
    • 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016  Girls’ NVL Swimming and Diving Champions
    • 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 NVL Cheer Champions (Co-Ed Division)
    • 2011 Boys’ Soccer NVL Coaches’ Sportsmanship Award
    • 2015 Boys’ Swimming and Diving Officials Sportsmanship Award

Extra-Curricular Activities/Clubs

  • Monthly Activity Period for Clubs to Meet
  • National Honor Society
  • Choir
  • Band
  • Student Council
  • Photography
  • International
  • Debate
  • Math
  • Theater
  • Yearbook
  • Art
  • Science and Technology Club
  • Chess
  • JETS (Junior Engineering Technical Society)
  • School Newspaper (FORUM)
  • Habitat for Humanity

Tuition Aid

  • Need based— Over $6805,000 awarded for 2014-2015
  • Completed applications are due in mid- February
  • FACTS Online (preferred application type)
  • Paper Application available by calling Admissions

Academic Scholarships

  • (Based solely on Placement Exam Scores)
    • Sisters of Mercy Scholarship:
      • Top 2%
      • $3,000 per year
    • Principal’s Scholarship:
      • Top 10%
      • $1,500 per year
  • Additional “Academic Partner” Scholarships $2,000-$5,000 based on Exam Score, Transcripts, Recommendation & Demonstrated Financial Need

Admission Policy

  • Admission is based on Transcripts, Recommendation, Placement Exam Score & Interview
  • If interested students do not take the Placement Exam an interview is mandatory
  • Final Registration is contingent upon successful graduation from 8th grade provided that students’ academic average remains intact
  • Sacred Heart High School does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, or ethnic origin

SHHS Board of Directors

  • Mr. Giuseppe Pisani ’84 (Board Chairman)
  • Mr. Dalton James, Ph.D.
  • Monsignor James G. Coleman ‘54
  • State Representative Selim Noujaim
  • Mr. George Officer ’77
  • Honorable William Cremins ’65
  • Mr. Jason Van Stone ’93
  • Mrs. Eileen Regan ’78, President
  • Mr. Joseph Almeida ‘77
  • Mr. David Petitti ‘78
  • Ms. Lysa Margiotta ‘97
  • Attorney Theresa Caldarone ’82
  • Mr. Guy Riddick ’78
  • Mrs. Migdalia Rodriguez
  • Mrs. Maria Maynard, Deputy Superintendent

School Board Committees & Goals

Finance: To continue to monitor cost-saving strategies and to provide fiscal direction on a monthly basis, with the assurance of working for a balanced budget.

  • Mr. Giuseppe Pisani ’84
  • Mr. David Petitti ’78 (chair)
  • Monsignor James G. Coleman ’54
  • Honorable William Cremins ’65
  • Mrs. Eileen M. Regan, President ’78
  • Mr. Mike Maunsell CPA, ’60
  • Mrs. Stephanie Robillard

Advancement: To actively work to identify, to cultivate, and to secure the support of leadership donors for scholarship assistance and capital needs, while also working to enhance our recruiting efforts.

  • Mrs. Eileen M. Regan, President ‘78
  • Mrs. Karen T. Ciarleglio, Director of Advancement
  • Mr. Giuseppe Pisani ‘84
  • Rev. Joseph Donnelly ‘64
  • Atty. Joseph Tramuta ‘78
  • Mr. Richard Dupont ‘77
  • Ms. Lysa Margiotta ‘97 (chair)
  • Atty. Paul Iannaccone ‘79
  • Mrs. Karyn Iadarola  Iannaccone ‘82
  • Mr. David Geremia ‘65
  • Mr. John Chiarella

Marketing: To actively work to raise top of mind awareness of Sacred Heart High School to our various publics.

  • Ms. Lysa Margiotta ’97 (chair)
  • Mrs. Michele Martin
  • Mrs. Eileen M. Regan ’78, President
  • Mrs. Erin Laferriere ’93, Director of Admissions
  • Attorney Theresa Caldarone ’82
  • Mrs. Migdalia Rodriguez
  • Mrs. Karen T. Ciarleglio, Director of Advancement
  • Mr. Jason Van Stone ’93
  • Mr. Michael Madden, Jr. ’99
  • Ms. Marissa DiCarlo ’00
  • Mr. Brian Somma

Nominating: To continue to research and to expand the list of potential new Board Members, relative to their ability to help move Sacred Heart High School forward in a positive and meaningful manner.

  • Monsignor James Coleman ’54 (chair)
  • Mrs. Eileen M. Regan, President ’78
  • State Representative Selim Noujaim
  • Mr. George Officer ’77
  • Mr. Dalton James, Ph.D.

S.W.O.O.T. Planning: To review and to update Sacred Heart’s strategic plan to be a living document ensuring that, at all times, the school has five years of a long-range plan to guide it.

  • Mrs. Sandra Del Sesto, Facilitator
  • Mr. Anthony R. Azzara ’67, Principal (S, A, B)
  • Mrs. Eileen M. Regan ’78, President (S, A, B, PP)
  • Mrs. Karen Ciarleglio, Director of Advancement (S)
  • Mrs. Erin Laferriere ’93, Director of Admissions (S)
  • Ms. Lysa Margiotta ‘97 (A, CL)
  • Mrs. James Curtin (A, P, PP)
  • Mr. Douglas Donato (P, PP)
  • Ms. Julie Pion (CL)
  • State Representative  Selim Noujaim (CL, PB, PP)
  • Atty. Theresa Caldarone ’82 (A, CL)
  • Mr. Joseph Almeida ’77 (A, PB, PP)
  • Mrs. Shelley Almeida ’78 (A, PP)
  • Mrs. Sherrie Gemmell (F)
  • Mr. Guy Riddick ’78 (A,PP)
  • Ms. Molly Blake ’97 (A, F)
  • Mr. Jason VanStone ‘93 (A, B, CL)
  • Honorable William Cremins ’65 (A, B, CL)
  • Mr. George Officer ’77
  • Mr. Michael Madden, Jr. ’99 (A, F)
  • Mrs. Kathy Craig (P)
  • Atty. Marianne Dubuque (B, PP, CL)
  • Mr. John O’Connor ’54 (A, PB, PP)
  • Mr. Carl DiCrosta ’97 (A)
  • Mr. Giuseppe Pisani ’84 (A, B, PP, CL)
  • Mrs. Amy Traver (F, P)
  • Mrs. Sandra Nagle (F)
  • Mr. Frank Busch (B)
  • Mr. David Petitti ’78 (A, B, PP, CL)
  • Mrs. Deborah Cronin (PP, CL)
  • Mr. Todd Murphy ’83 (A,P)
  • Mr. Edwin Rodriguez (PP)
  • Attorney Theresa Caldarone ’82 (A, B)
  • Mrs. Migdalia Rodriguez (B, PP)


F- Faculty
S – Staff
A – Alum
B – Board Member

PB – Past Board Member
P – Parent
PP – Past Parent
C L– Community Leader


Plant and Facility: To continue to monitor and to review internal and external structural needs of the school, to ensure that our facility is in compliance with building requirements and that we are operating in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • Mr. Giuseppe Pisani ’84 (chair)
  • Mrs. Eileen M. Regan, President ’78
  • Mrs. Linda Coviello
  • Mr. Raul Nadal
  • Mr. Joseph Almeida ’77
  • Mr. Guy Riddick ’78
  • Mr. William Fitzpatrick ’02

Ministry: To actively incorporate Jesus Christ into the life of the Sacred Heart community, through liturgy, community service, and related student-centered programs.

  • Rev. Michael Casey, Chaplain
  • Miss Theresa Pasternak
  • Mr. Daniel Mathews, Campus Minister
  • Mrs. Eileen M. Regan ’78, President



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The sense of belonging to The Heart community was immediate and any worries about their transition to high school were immediately put to rest.
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Academic excellence, community involvement, athletics and Christian-based learning all make Sacred Heart High School a top notch school. But what makes Sacred Heart High School a GREAT school is the sense of family one feels the minute a person walks through the door.
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Sacred Heart High School has truly been very instrumental in my life... The values that were instilled in each of us, along with the fine education that I received from dedicated faculty and staff, continue to be meaningful today.
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Sacred Heart High School is not just a building. It is an investment in life that continues to pay dividends... The Sacred Heart experience is an immersion in a family which will stay with you forever.
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Sacred Heart High School offers students a supportive environment where they can grow and excel in academics, grow in self-confidence, and grow in faith, all of which were so important to our family.
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Sacred Heart’s rigorous academic program, combined with its nurturing and spiritual learning environment, provided me with the knowledge, the values, and the social maturity that I needed to be successful in college, in law school, and in my legal career.
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