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Darryl and Lynnette Parker

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Legacy does not endow a person with the total experience. One has to find out some things for oneself. In our case, my husband, Darryl, passed the Heart legacy to our daughter, Dionne. But it was the four year experience that solidified Dionne’s (and my own) appreciation of how special Sacred Heart High School truly is. SHHS is a place where traditions of excellence are embedded in every facet of the school. Personally, what I value is the mix of new and veteran staff, the emphasis on equity and a rigorous education, and a commitment to faith and to the outer community – all wrapped up in honest and frequent communication! So, on game day, when Mr. Saukas comes out to perform his trademark “30 sec. body – rally – call – letters;” my family stands ready to belt out “GO HEARTS!” from our hearts!

Mr. Darryl ‘81 and Lynnette Parker
Alumn and Parents of Dionne ‘13