Community Service Requirements - Sacred Heart High School - Waterbury, CT

Community Service Requirements



  1. Students must complete at least 50 hours of community service during their 4 year high school career as part of their graduation requirement. Students will complete a minimum of 10 hours each year in the 9th and 10th grades and 15 hours each year in the 11th and 12th grades.
  2. All hours must be logged with the Director of Guidance, who will be serving as the Community Service Coordinator.
  3. Students must complete a Community Service Application for each different activity, not for each hour. If a student donates 10 hours to a local soup kitchen, he needs only one form for the entire 10 hours.
  4. Students need should check with either Ms. Taylor, Mr. Malaspina, or Mr. Azzara if they have questions as to the appropriateness of an activity.
  5. Applications need to be signed by the sponsor or the supervisor of the activity in order for students to receive credit.
  6. The following regulations exist for an activity to be counted as Service:
    • The activity cannot be for pay.
    • The activity cannot be work for a parent or sibling.
    • The work cannot be for a profit company unless connected to the company’s established Community Service program.
    • Students may use the community service hours they have donated for a religious obligation or civic organization.
    • Students may volunteer for a local community organization or municipality.
    • Students may use hours working as an in-school tutor or aide.
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It was the four year experience that solidified Dionne’s (and my own) appreciation of how special Sacred Heart High School truly is. SHHS is a place where traditions of excellence are embedded in every facet of the school.
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SHHS will be forever instilled in my heart. The love and the respect between the faculty and students is a bond that is very rare. SHHS has opened its arms to my family, and I am forever grateful.
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The educational background and confidence that our two older children gained at Sacred Heart helped them be successful in their college careers. Their Sacred Heart education prepared them very well to make the transition to college life, both academically and emotionally.
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Sacred Heart High School offers many opportunities for student involvement in co-curricular activities, athletics, and student outreach programs. Service to others is one of the most outstanding qualities Sacred Heart has to offer and, more importantly, takes pride in!
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Guided by a foundation of excellence that is second to none, the Heart is the finest choice for those wishing to pursue a Catholic education. It is a great honor and a privilege that I associate my name with Sacred Heart High School...
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The sense of belonging to The Heart community was immediate and any worries about their transition to high school were immediately put to rest.
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Sacred Heart High School has truly been very instrumental in my life... The values that were instilled in each of us, along with the fine education that I received from dedicated faculty and staff, continue to be meaningful today.
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Sacred Heart High School is not just a building. It is an investment in life that continues to pay dividends... The Sacred Heart experience is an immersion in a family which will stay with you forever.
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Sacred Heart High School offers students a supportive environment where they can grow and excel in academics, grow in self-confidence, and grow in faith, all of which were so important to our family.
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