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Scholarship Assistance

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Scholarship Assistance Program

*Scholarship Assistance Evening for Incoming Freshmen – October 13th at 6:30pm at Sacred Heart*

The goal of the Scholarship Assistance Program is to engage the financial and personal support of alumni and friends of the Heart in establishing much needed annual Scholarships for our students. Sacred Heart High School has been committed to awarding over $850,000 annually. This initiative is made possible largely because of alumni, business friends, faculty and staff, parents, foundations, our board of directors, and organizations that support, value, and embrace our mission.

The hallmark of a Sacred High School education has always been and continues to be to afford all families seeking the enrichment of a strong, value-based, Catholic education this opportunity. A Sacred Heart High School education, steeped in the rich teachings of Jesus Christ, empowers our students to embrace that which is relevant as we teach them to also live with a purpose, the Sacred Heart way! Our mission calls our students to serve utilizing their God-given talents to make a difference in the lives of others.

The administration, faculty, and staff of Sacred Heart High School are dedicated to enabling all of our students to experience the fullness of life that results from the development of individual talents.


Academic Partners Program

The goal of the Academic Partners Program is to attract honor students who will be challenged to reach their full academic potential through their participation in a very rigorous, high academic program. The Academic Partners Scholarship Program recognizes academic success and provides a financial helping hand by making a Sacred Heart High School education possible.

  • Scholarships range from $2,500.00 to $5,000 annually; and are renewable based on a student’s academic success being maintained according to Sacred Heart High School’s guidelines for academic awards;
  • Recipients of the Academic Partners Scholarship Program are chosen based on their success on the Placement Exam, on transcripts, on recommendation and on financial need as noted on the FACTS application. To challenge our students, we will continually work to expand course offerings with curriculum rich programs.


Our Commitment to Students and Families

With a heritage built for generations on trust and a tireless commitment to educational excellence, Sacred Heart High School provides students with a safe, Catholic faith learning environment which strengthens their foundation for success and supports their search for knowledge, relevance, and truth in today’s society.

Today, more than ever, personal as well as financial support is needed. Please consider becoming a partner in a Sacred Heart High School student’s education. To find out more on how you can make a Sacred Heart education a viable choice for students in our community, contact Mrs. Eileen M. Regan, President at 203-753-1605, extension 307, or at