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Bring Your Own Device

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At Sacred Heart, we are deeply committed to providing our students with a rigorous academic experience that incorporates technology in the classroom. We currently support a BYOD (“bring your own device”) technology program and provide building-wide 802.11ac high-speed wireless internet access for all students. Students are encouraged to bring laptops as well as tablets to school to access their electronic textbooks, Microsoft Classroom/Office 365 applications, as well as many other web-based resources that are used throughout our curriculum. BYOD provides teachers with an additional way to present material and gives students the tools to research and complete their assignments.

Through our BYOD program, we provide our students with a learning environment that engages our students in new ways and promotes educational excellence by developing necessary skills for the 21st century.

Microsoft Classroom / Office 365

Sacred Heart High School provides all students with Microsoft Classroom and Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Classroom is a digital learning environment where teachers create assignments and students can access their digital notebooks and submit assignments to teachers. Microsoft Office 365 provides each student with anytime, anywhere access to the Microsoft Office Web Apps for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote, along with 1TB of online storage with Microsoft OneDrive. Every student is also provided with five licenses for Microsoft Office 2016, which can be installed onto five of the student’s PC or Macintosh computers.

Electronic Textbooks

Currently, all students have access to electronic textbooks through Pearson platforms. Students can access their textbooks on a wide variety of devices and through mobile applications. The following links provide students access to their texts:

Pearson SuccessNet
Pearson Realize
Pearson SuccessNet Plus

Pearson also provides students with a mobile app, Pearson for Schools, which is compatible with all Apple or Android devices. This application can be found in your device’s app store.

Recommended Devices
Since SHHS utilizes Microsoft services such as Microsoft Classroom and Office 365, a Windows laptop or Windows tablet (with keyboard) is the recommended device, however the services that are used by our school work well on Mac laptops and Chromebooks as well.  Tablets should have a minimum of a 7” screen or larger. Both iPad and Android tablets will work with our services.

Generally speaking, as long as the device is able to connect to a wireless network and access the internet, it should be sufficient for the BYOD program.

(Note: Cellular phones are not acceptable devices for our BYOD program and cannot be used in the classroom.)

No software needs to be purchased. SHHS will provide each student with Microsoft Office. All other services used in our curriculum are web-based and will work on any laptop or tablet.
Anti-virus software should be installed on all computers running the Windows or Mac operating systems. Free versions of anti-virus software are available for both .

No child’s learning experience or academic performance will be affected because he or she does not have an internet-connected device to bring to school. Teachers may provide collaborative lessons which encourage students to work together, sharing information accessed through personal devices. When individual work is assigned, students may use computers located in classrooms or computers, Chromebooks, and laptops in the Media Center.