College Application Timeline - Sacred Heart High School - Waterbury, CT

College Application Timeline

  1. Junior Year (Winter)
    • Register and take the ACTs (February).
    • Start to research colleges/universities through websites, catalogues, videos, brochures, etc.
  2. Junior Year (Spring)
    • Navigate Naviance
    • Register and take SATs (May).
    • Submit college essay for review.
    • Continue to research colleges/universities through websites, catalogues, videos, brochures, etc.
    • Attend college fairs.
    • Begin visiting colleges/universities.
  3. Junior Year (Summer Break)
    • Prepare to take the SAT again (August and/or October)
    • Visit schools and begin to narrow down your choices of schools to which you want to apply.
  4. Senior Year (September – November) 
    • Request letters of recommendation from teachers.
    • Register and take the SATs.
    • Continue to visit schools and college fairs in order to narrow down final choices for application.
    • Begin working on college application and finalize essays and personal statements
    • Submit early decision/early action application packets to the guidance department by October 14th.
    • Submit regular admission application packets to the guidance department by November 13th.
    • Submit the NCAA Clearinghouse form if you intend on playing Division I or Division II athletics in college (if necessary).
    • Complete and file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for financial aid purposes (October)
  5. Senior Year (December – February)
    • Confirm with counselor that midyear grades are being sent to schools to which you applied
    • Continue to apply for any scholarships for which you qualify
  6. Senior Year (March/April)
    • Await acceptance decisions and financial aid packages awarded by colleges
    • Revisit or visit colleges to assist in making a final decision
    • Notify colleges of your decision
  7. Senior Year (May)
    • Notify your counselor of all acceptances, scholarships awarded, and final decision so final transcript can be sent

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It was the four year experience that solidified Dionne’s (and my own) appreciation of how special Sacred Heart High School truly is. SHHS is a place where traditions of excellence are embedded in every facet of the school.
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SHHS will be forever instilled in my heart. The love and the respect between the faculty and students is a bond that is very rare. SHHS has opened its arms to my family, and I am forever grateful.
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The educational background and confidence that our two older children gained at Sacred Heart helped them be successful in their college careers. Their Sacred Heart education prepared them very well to make the transition to college life, both academically and emotionally.
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Sacred Heart High School offers many opportunities for student involvement in co-curricular activities, athletics, and student outreach programs. Service to others is one of the most outstanding qualities Sacred Heart has to offer and, more importantly, takes pride in!
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Guided by a foundation of excellence that is second to none, the Heart is the finest choice for those wishing to pursue a Catholic education. It is a great honor and a privilege that I associate my name with Sacred Heart High School...
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The sense of belonging to The Heart community was immediate and any worries about their transition to high school were immediately put to rest.
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Academic excellence, community involvement, athletics and Christian-based learning all make Sacred Heart High School a top notch school. But what makes Sacred Heart High School a GREAT school is the sense of family one feels the minute a person walks through the door.
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Sacred Heart was more than just my high school, it was my home. Sacred Heart gave me the education and the confidence to thrive and succeed in college, and eventually in my current role at the Waterbury Chamber of Commerce.
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Spirit can be defined as a strong loyalty or dedication. At Sacred Heart, spirit is at the core of all that we do. As a recent graduate, I saw the strength of Spirit at “the Heart” throughout my four years.
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Sacred Heart High School has truly been very instrumental in my life... The values that were instilled in each of us, along with the fine education that I received from dedicated faculty and staff, continue to be meaningful today.
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The school feels like a family. We watch out for each otherand truly care about each other... Come be part of our sacred Heart High School family I know you, too, will be amazed at what our school has to offer!
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Sacred Heart High School is not just a building. It is an investment in life that continues to pay dividends... The Sacred Heart experience is an immersion in a family which will stay with you forever.
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Sacred Heart High School offers students a supportive environment where they can grow and excel in academics, grow in self-confidence, and grow in faith, all of which were so important to our family.
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As we look back, we realize that our years at Sacred Heart not only prepared us to be successful in college, but also set a standard for how to live our lives.
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At Sacred Heart High School, being a student-athlete allowed me to develop leadership skills and instilled in me a passion for success!
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Sacred Heart’s rigorous academic program, combined with its nurturing and spiritual learning environment, provided me with the knowledge, the values, and the social maturity that I needed to be successful in college, in law school, and in my legal career.
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