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SHHS Math Summer Assignment 2018

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As the math department of Sacred Heart High School, we are always concerned to enable our students to enhance their competencies in mathematics and prepare them to achieve success in future math courses. With these objectives in mind, we have decided to implement a summer math assignment for students to complete over the break. Nationwide, the educational system battles the “summer learning loss” that some students experience. Unfortunately, there is no single, perfect method to combat this. We believe that providing work for the students over the summer can help them stay on track and prevent them from forgetting the material that they learned in the past ten months.

This assignment contains material not only from your student’s most recent math class, but also their
previous math courses. For all students, department-wide, this assignment will be counted in their first marking period grade. It will be due on the first full day of school after the summer break for the whole student body at Sacred Heart High School.

SHHS Math Summer Kahn