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Sacred Heart High School Announces the Third Term Honor Roll

Seniors – High Honors:  Joshua Alvarado, Erin Brown,

Heather Brown, Korinn Chelednik, David Ciullo, Brianna Cyr,

Alfred DeLeon, Andruw Flemming, Amanda French,

Emily Galvao, Benjamin Gomes, Lexie Grenier, Rachel Guay,

Raissa Igihozo, Nahzir Ivester, Jatorra Jackson, John Keane,

Alexia Laferriere, Yingzi Lori Liu, Sabrina Martino,

Meghan Mitnick, Christine Nguyen, Liliana Pedro,

Cindy Pineda, Taya Robison, Alexandra Santos, Peyton Stephens,

Katerina Valente, Jasmine Williams, Kora Yale, Anqi Alicia Yang

Seniors – First Honors:  Nicole Bartkus, Briana Benson,

Joshua Bergin, Jacob Candella, Jovanni Celli, Julia DaSilva,

Ousmane Diop, Tayzhon Ferris, Mariah Francis, Jordan Geffert,

Tyler Gendron, James Gruszka, Xiaofeng Dwayne Hu,

David Kulla, Jocelyn Medina, Lorenzo Montgomery,

William Morales, Taylor Morgan, Edwin Ramos, Nehway Sahn,

Alissa Shiwnarine, Devin Sims, Matthew Spence, Abby Walsh,

Ying Eve Wang, Yuying Cassy Wang, Rebecca Washburn,

Houliang Jack Zhou

Seniors – Second Honors: Dominick Alamo, Gabriella Alves,

Abigail Bemer, Joel Betancourt, Anthony Bonicki,

Bryan Fernandez, Legend Johnson, Jada Manning,

Christopher Meier, Dylan Nonamaker, Kyle Ouellette,

Michael Perugini, Tariq Price, Carlos Torres

Juniors – High Honors:  Matthew Arias, Michael Austin,

Anne Badger, Zachary Bona, Kevin Brown, Gabriel Corales,

Alyssa Cronk, Veronica Diaz, Yibo Ding, Nellie Drewry,

James Edwards, Colleen Flanagan, Alexa Gallino, Thomas Greene,

Klediol Kaso, Erin Keeley, Kaitlynn Keeley, Andrew LaChance,

Guoyu Calvin Li, Haoran Danny li, Shaojun Harry Luo,

Jenna Madigan, Anthony Mirabilio Mulhall, Abigail Monroe,

Alexa Murphy, William Petrucci, Melissa Raymond,

Allison Santoli, Isabella Silvestre, Chenelle Simes,

Connor Sullivan, Aliese Trosky, Katie Uszakiewicz,

Lauren Van Stone, Jenna Warren

Juniors – First Honors: Nicholas Barrett, Julian Diaz,

Noah Fitzgerald, Zachary Francisco, Yan Gao, Mechai Hayes,

Garrett Jones, Noah Knappe, Evan Laferriere,

Quenton Meister, Michael Napolitano, Alyssa Parrillo,

Christopher Petro, Yuanxin Lydia Song, Jack Vaillancourt,

Ashley Vasiliou, Michele Vasiliou, Victoria Velez,

Jin Jason Xie, Larry Zapata

Juniors – Second Honors:  Andre Anderson, Timothy Brown,

Carolyn Corey, Stephen Crocco II, Alexandra Farrey,

Tiron Ferris, Noah Francisco, Isiah Gaiter, Kiavonni Gibbs,

Isaac Gonzalez, Devin Griffin, Scott Hanson,

Broghan Henebery, Junjie Peter Lin, Samad McMillan

John Monroe, Kayleigh O’Donnell, Marisa Rodriquez,

Victoria Santiago, Raheem Solomon, Rachel Stack,

Tajeem Staley, Leah Strachan, Kevin Vo, Daniel Walsh,

Jonathan Warren, Nicholas Williams

Sophomores – High Honors: Kathryn Bussey,

Treasure Coleman, Ashley Cyr, Alvin Deleon,

Hannah Dombroski, Kevin Edwards, Adalena Francis,

Jenna French, Siobhan Gilmore, Karli Imperato, Washington Leon,

Ava Longo, Nhi Nguyen, Jonathan Silva, Alyssa Steel,

Shelbe Turner, Arreyion Yates

Sophomores – First Honors: Mason Audi, Klajdi Cepa,

Philip Dawson, Nyron Drunnamanio, Tanner Kepler,

Lauren Kiluk, Jakob Laferriere, Zhengwen Frank Li,

Shimeng Tracy Liu, Elysa Lopez, Ernest McClary Jr.,

Nicole Molina, Hannah Murphy, Katie Pelletier,

Adam Pepin, Christian Ramirez, Arnaldo Santos,

Victoria Turrell, Michael West

Sophomores – Second Honors:  Zulgarnain Abdulla,

Ashlyn Arcuri, Taylor Benjamin, Jasmine Dawkins,

Joseph DiMaria, Sieanna Marie Jones, Stratton Kepler,

Brandon Lavoie, Victor Lopez, Jonathan Perez, Julia Petta,

Jordan Robinson, Omar Rowe, Devin Steisel, Grace Stone,

China Torres, Hayley Tucker, Stephanie Van Duzer

Freshmen – High Honors:  Alexandre Boland, Najla Braddock,

Najma Braddock, Katherine Brown, Trista Caron, Yuxiang Kevin Chen,

Katherine Colgan, Elizabeth DeCrisanti, Sofia Dell’Anno,

Christopher Iles, Nevaeh Jones, Rachel Legge, Ajanique Lewis,

Emma Minicucci, Julia Mitnick, Elizabeth Nonamaker,

Beverly Okoronkwo, Thayer Picart, Alexander Pillis,

Veronique Recile, David Robillard, Nicholas Salerno, Ashley Santoli,

Liahna Strout, Alicia Vilar, Nicholas Warner

Freshmen – First Honors:  Samuel Bemer,

Elizabeth Brown, Mairead Burns, Kylee Dubroski,

Kaylie Dufour, Rylie Dunn, Fujie Jackie Lan, Karen Leon,

Ruoshui Walter Li, Zanaiya McMillian, Ava Mullin,

Olivia Pandiscia, Andrew Pelletier, Douglas Riofrio,

Eduardo Romero, Tommy Romero, Kayla Simoes, Alexander Valente

Freshmen – Second Honors: Hector Alejandro,

Madeline Bouffard-MacIver, Nicole DaSilva, Amanda DeLevie,

Seth Drewry, Leandro Fernandes, Jayden Gonzalez,

Oghosasere Igbinewuare, Anaius Johnson, Vanessa Kulla,

Jakob Lopez, Lauren McDuff, Luis Navarro, Nicole Rotella,

Cassidy Shahen, Justin Stephens, Amy Tela, Samantha Warren,

Haoran Oscar Zhang

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Our Commitment To You
With a heritage built for generations on trust and a tireless commitment to educational excellence, Sacred Heart High School provides students with a safe, Catholic faith learning environment which strengthens their foundation for success and supports their search for knowledge, relevance, and truth in today’s society.

It was the four year experience that solidified Dionne’s (and my own) appreciation of how special Sacred Heart High School truly is. SHHS is a place where traditions of excellence are embedded in every facet of the school.
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SHHS will be forever instilled in my heart. The love and the respect between the faculty and students is a bond that is very rare. SHHS has opened its arms to my family, and I am forever grateful.
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The educational background and confidence that our two older children gained at Sacred Heart helped them be successful in their college careers. Their Sacred Heart education prepared them very well to make the transition to college life, both academically and emotionally.
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Sacred Heart High School offers many opportunities for student involvement in co-curricular activities, athletics, and student outreach programs. Service to others is one of the most outstanding qualities Sacred Heart has to offer and, more importantly, takes pride in!
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Guided by a foundation of excellence that is second to none, the Heart is the finest choice for those wishing to pursue a Catholic education. It is a great honor and a privilege that I associate my name with Sacred Heart High School...
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The sense of belonging to The Heart community was immediate and any worries about their transition to high school were immediately put to rest.
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Academic excellence, community involvement, athletics and Christian-based learning all make Sacred Heart High School a top notch school. But what makes Sacred Heart High School a GREAT school is the sense of family one feels the minute a person walks through the door.
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Sacred Heart was more than just my high school, it was my home. Sacred Heart gave me the education and the confidence to thrive and succeed in college, and eventually in my current role at the Waterbury Chamber of Commerce.
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Spirit can be defined as a strong loyalty or dedication. At Sacred Heart, spirit is at the core of all that we do. As a recent graduate, I saw the strength of Spirit at “the Heart” throughout my four years.
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Sacred Heart High School has truly been very instrumental in my life... The values that were instilled in each of us, along with the fine education that I received from dedicated faculty and staff, continue to be meaningful today.
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The school feels like a family. We watch out for each otherand truly care about each other... Come be part of our sacred Heart High School family I know you, too, will be amazed at what our school has to offer!
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Sacred Heart High School is not just a building. It is an investment in life that continues to pay dividends... The Sacred Heart experience is an immersion in a family which will stay with you forever.
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Sacred Heart High School offers students a supportive environment where they can grow and excel in academics, grow in self-confidence, and grow in faith, all of which were so important to our family.
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As we look back, we realize that our years at Sacred Heart not only prepared us to be successful in college, but also set a standard for how to live our lives.
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At Sacred Heart High School, being a student-athlete allowed me to develop leadership skills and instilled in me a passion for success!
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Sacred Heart’s rigorous academic program, combined with its nurturing and spiritual learning environment, provided me with the knowledge, the values, and the social maturity that I needed to be successful in college, in law school, and in my legal career.
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