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Main Office

Office Direct Fax: (203) 597-1686

Mrs. Eileen M. Regan

President, ext. 307

Direct Line: 

Direct Fax: (203) 721-6457

Mr. Anthony R. Azzara

Principal, ext 308

Direct Fax: (203) 721 – 6447

Mrs. Karen Grendzinski

Administrative Assistant, ext. 300

Mrs. Susan Pandiscia

Administrative Assistant, ext. 303

Fr.  William Agyemang


Mr. Dan Mathews

Campus Minister

Mr. Raul Nadal

Facilities, ext. 316



Mrs. Erin Laferriere

Director, ext. 305

Direct Line: (203) 721-6354


Business Office

Mrs. Stephanie Robillard

Business Manager, ext. 304

Direct Line: (203) 721-6324



Mrs. Karen Ciarleglio

Director, ext. 306

Direct Line: (203) 721-6328

Mrs. Linda Coviello

Advancement and Facilities Coordinator, ext. 302

Direct Line: (203) 721-6322



Mr. Michael Madden, Jr.

Director, ext. 313

Direct Line: (203) 721-6357



Mrs. Sherrie Gemmell

Librarian/Media Specialist, ext. 319


Office Direct Line: (203) 753-6165

Office Direct Fax: (203) 597-1520

Ms. Debora Taylor

Director, ext. 321

Direct Line: (203) 721-6332

Mr. Robert Malaspina

Guidance Counselor, ext. 322

Direct Line: (203) 721-6334

Mrs. Sharon Gugliotti

Administrative Assistant, ext. 320


Special Education

Mrs. Shirelle Vargas

Special Education Teacher, ext. 312


Health Services

Mrs.  Louise Carlozzi, RN

School Nurse, ext. 310

Direct Line: (203) 721-6398

Direct Fax: (203) 721-6394




Ms. Molly DePaiva

Humanities, ext. 360

Mr. Jonathan Carroll

Math, ext. 361

Ms. Denise Costello

English, ext. 369

Mr. Allan Dabkowski

Choir Director, ext. 362

Ms. Marissa DiCarlo

Humanities, ext. 364

Mr. Fran Embardo

World Languages, ext. 365

Mrs. Sherrie Gemmell

English, ext. 319

Mr. George Gomes

Science, ext. 367

Mr. David Kalach

Humanities, ext. 370

Mrs. Erin Laferriere

Allied Health, ext. 371

Mr. Michael Madden, Jr.

Humanities, ext. 372

Mrs. Melissa Martin

English, ext. 373

Mrs. Marianne Martins

English, ext. 304

Mr. Justin Michaud

Math, ext. 374

Mrs. Sandra Nagle

English Department Chairperson , ext. 375

Mr. James O’Connell

Science Department Chairperson, ext. 376

Mr. Chris Ortiz

World Languages, ext. 377

Ms. Theresa Pasternak

Theology Department Chairperson, ext. 379

Ms. Christine Pizzano

Science, ext. 380

Mr. Gabe Riccio

Instrumental Director, ext. 381

Ms. Helen Sperry

Math, ext. 382

Mr. Thomas Tiezzi

Math Department Chairperson, ext. 385

Mrs. Amy Traver

Humanities Department Chairperson, ext. 386

Mrs. Rosanne Whitney

Math, ext. 408

Mrs. Charmaine Wright

World Languages Department Chairperson, ext. 387


Sacred Heart High School
142 South Elm Street
Waterbury, CT 06706

p. (203) 753-1605
f. (203) 597-1686