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Paul & Karyn (Iadarola) Iannaccone

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When we think about Sacred Heart High School, words like family, faith and foundation come to mind. The Heart has served the educational needs of our families over multiple generations. It has always been great fun sharing memories with other family members that have passed through the same halls. Just as importantly though, Sacred Heart has become a family of its own. Each graduate shares the bond of family like no other school we’ve ever known. We feel extremely privileged to be a part of this close-knit community.

Our parents worked very hard to put us through Sacred Heart. They knew that the life values and the faith-based education so important to them would be reinforced on a daily basis by the dedicated teachers and staff. Whether our goals were for college or graduate school, work, or family, Sacred Heart provided the community, the faith, and the foundation we needed to succeed in all of our life endeavors. With much pride, we have watched the next generation of family members attend and graduate from Sacred Heart, absolutely confident that the Heart has prepared them well.

As we look back, we realize that our years at Sacred Heart not only prepared us to be successful in college, but also set a standard for how to live our lives. The morals and the values instilled at the Heart have influenced us throughout our academic, professional, and personal lives. Our core beliefs – the value of a good education, the importance of community service, and the drive to be ethical individuals, are all fundamentals we learned while attending Sacred Heart.

Attorney Paul ’79 & Karyn (Iadarola) Iannaccone ’82
Advancement Leadership Committee